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Board Game DeveloPment

At Perchpole Media, we are passionate about board games and take great delight in developing captivating and immersive gaming experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned board game enthusiast or just starting your journey into this exciting world, our team of dedicated developers will craft games that will keep you entertained for hours on end. We believe in the power of games to bring people together and create unforgettable memories.


Board GameS IN Education

In a world driven by technology and digital media, it’s easy to overlook the timeless joy and educational benefits of board games. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or lifelong learner, board games offer a refreshing and interactive approach to education. They not only stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also foster social interaction, creativity, and strategic planning. Let’s embark on a delightful journey and explore the myriad reasons why board games are a fantastic tool for education.

3d stuff

Product visualisation, Concepting & Branding

3D design has revolutionised product visualisation and branding by providing a range of benefits that enhance and compliment marketing and communication. One of the significant advantages is the ability to create highly realistic and accurate representations of products. By using advanced 3D modelling and rendering techniques, designers can showcase products from various angles, textures, and lighting conditions, creating a visually captivating experience for customers.

We seamlessly combine the best of both worlds by leveraging both CAD and poly modelling techniques. This unique combination allows us to achieve unparalleled precision while maintaining artistic integrity. We aim to create visually stunning representations of products, ensuring that every minute detail is accurately captured.

make it real

3D Design and Printing

Perchpole Media’s foray into 3D design and printing brings forth a world of understated possibilities. With the integration of both Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and 8k resin (SLA) printers, we seamlessly blend technical precision with artistic finesse. The unassuming nature of our approach belies the incredible versatility and curiosity that our 3d printing solutions offer.

quality monitoring

3D Design

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And another thing…

We also build web sites and eCommerce Platforms

Perchpole Media actually began life as a web design and content creation agency. However after 20 years it has become only a very small component of our expansive portfolio. We do still build sites but when we do it’s mainly for online sales and fund raising platforms. If you want to get into ecommerce, get in touch.

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